Nature’s Guard™ Soy-Based INK, ADHESIVE & RESIN REMOVER

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NATURES GUARD Soy Based Ink, Adhesive & Resin Remover is  derived from Soybean Oil, which allows significant  regulatory and safety advantages over petroleum based solvents, addressing the numerous EPA, environmental and health issues facing solvent users today.  This unique remover is non-toxic, Neutral pH  and biodegradable. It does not contain any raw materials known to the State of California (Proposition 65) to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.  It is non-HAPs, Low VOC, No ODCs, non-Combustible and Recyclable (Vacuum distillation).  It is recyclable via vacuum  distillation, resulting in reduced disposal costs.

NATURES GUARD Soy Based Ink, Adhesive & Resin Remover removes several types of ink, adhesives, resins and coatings from press equipment including doctor blades,  filters, lockup holders,  fittings, connectors, ink pans, transfer pails, drums, rollers (anilox, rubber, ceramic, and urethane).

Removes the following; Inks (oil based, solvent based, uv-curable, varnish), Adhesives (hot melt, polyurethane, vinyl ester), and Resin & Coatings (polyester, vinyl ester, polyurethane, high & low solid  aliphatic, waterborne epoxy primers, acrylic paints, varnish and  alkyd enamel, latex polymer and other paints).

Contains No Hydrocarbon Aromatic Naphtha, Phenols, Butyl Cellosolve, Acetone, MEK, Xylene, Toluene or Methylene Chloride. No heavy metals or ions.


1 Gallon Jugs / 5 Gallon Pails / 275 Gallon Totes /  55 Gallon Steel Drums (closed cap)

GO GREENSaturated Wipes (90 Polypropylene Wipes 12 ” x 12″ / Bucket)

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