Resin Removers

Aqueous Resin Emulsifier (Excellent Cleaning Performance)

Reduced VOC, No SARA 313, non-Hazardous, non-Flammable, non-HAPs, non-Corrosive, Extended Bath Life and containing Full Corrosion Inhibition Package safe on ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Ideal Replacement for Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Solvents, Mineral Spirits, Terpenes, Alcohol, Ketones and Glycol Ethers, Flammable Hydrocarbon; Semi-Aqueous, and Aqueous products containing hazardous and Corrosive material.Ideal in Immersion Cleaning (with or without ultrasonic), Spray Under Immersion, In-line Spray, High Pressure Spray and Tumblers.

Solvent-based Resin Removers (Low emission, non-Hazardous, non-flammable, non-HAPs, non-Corrosive, Extended Bath life with Full Corrosion Inhibition package).

Boat Manufacturers “Marine”, Aerospace, Injection Mold – Resin Removers.

Solvent-Based Resin Removers (non- flammable, non-corrosive, non-reactive)

“Drop-In” replacement for Acetone, removal of cured or uncured polyester resin, vinylester resin (ORTHOPHTHALIC / ISOPHTHALIC / DICYCLOPENTADIEN) and epoxy resin from rollers, brushes, chopper guns, mixing, cutting and laminating equipment as well as Injection Mold. Superb performance. High resin loading. Use as is (no heating is required). Suitable Acetone replacement, MEK replacement, Methyl Chloride replacement, Xylene / Toluene / Alcohol replacement.

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