USA Manufactured

“Changing the World’s View on Chemicals”

Manufactured in the USA, Global Specialty Products – USA, Inc.
Specializes in environmentally safe, ozone friendly, non-hazardous aqueous
(Low VOC) and solvent-based (low rate of evaporation) industrial:

• Cleaning, degreasing and carbon removal products
• Resin removers (polyester, vinylester, epoxy, polyurethane, polyamide, etc.)
• Ink & adhesive removers (UV-cured inks, water-based inks, solvent-based inks)
• Defluxers & rosin removers
• Urethane foam (MDI, polyether polyols, and polyester polyols), as well as, cured
flexible and rigid polyurethane foams
• Instant mildew removers, hard surface disinfectants and whirlpool waterline ring
removers (development stage)
• Rust inhibitors
• Graffiti removers
• Paint strippers



Superior formulation – one cleaner for all shop applications (lowers inventory costs)
Non-hazardous, non-HAPs – no SARA 313 & WHMIS reporting
Non-ozone depleting chemicals – environmentally safe
Zero VOC (aqueous-based) – no VOC permits required
Low rate of evaporation (solvent-based) – use the product over & over again
Non-toxic (aqueous-based) – no special safety, handling and storage
Low order of toxicity (solvent-based) – minimizes EPA reporting
Non-carcinogenic, non-mutagenic, non-teratogenic
Non-flammable – safer worker environment (lowers insurance premium)
No harmful fumes – worker friendly
Mild odor – user friendly
Biodegradable, low BOD / COD (aqueous-based) – easy disposal
Non-emulsifying degreasers (oil splitting properties, result in longer bath life)
Low foaming – suitable for use in high pressure spray, as well as, immersion with
ultrasonic cleaning equipment
Recyclable solvent-based (recoverable through vacuum distillation) – save money
and reduce your waste disposal and save the environment
Compatible and non-corrosive on various metals

GSP – USA, Inc. is committed to help the following industries reduce
VOC’s as well as eliminate the use of hazardous and highly toxic
chemicals along with minimizing hazardous waste:

Marine (Boat manufacturers, Navy, Injecting Mold) Roofing
Aerospace (commercial, military, Army) Electronics
Automotive (OEM, Remanufacturers) Pulp & Paper
Printing, Packaging and Converting Optical
Pharmaceuticals (development stage)
Commercial applications (development stage)