This year at INFO*FLEX 2014 (Baltimore, MD – Booth 624), Global Specialty Products USA ( will be featuring INK & ADHESIVE Cleaning Solutions (both Solvent & Aqueous Technologies) including Anilox Roll Cleaners, and Degreasing Products:✔Environmentally Safe    ✔ Superior Performance    ✔ Low VOC (solvent-based)✔ Zero VOC (aqueous-based)    ✔ Solvent Substitute (Replace Acetone, MEK & Acetate)✔ non-HAPs     ✔ non-Flammable    ✔ non-CorrosiveOur Ink & Adhesive Cleaning Chemistry Safely and Effectively Remove:* UV-Curable Inks & Colors * Water-Based Inks * Solvent-Based Inks * Vinyl Inks* Polymeric Inks  * Hot Melt Adhesives * Polyurethane Adhesive

Safely Remove From:

Anilox Rollers, Rubber Rollers, Ceramic Rollers, Flexo Plates, and Press Equipment, & Parts

(Doctor Blades, Filters, Lockup Holders, Fittings, Connectors, Ink Pans, Transfer Pails, Drums)


FEATURED GSP-USA PRODUCTSBoth Aqueous & Solvent-based Technologies* Anilox Roll Cleaner SC 729-13™

* Natures Guard™ Soy-Based Ink & Adhesive Remover

* Ink Blaster – FG™

* Ink Blaster – OS™

* Optima 2000GP™

* D-Bond™ Adhesive Remover

Available in:

  • 1, 5, 55 and 275 Gallon UN-Rated Packaging Containers
  • GO GREEN WIPES™ (9″X11″) (75 Sheets Saturated Wipes/Canister) – High Grade        Re-usable HDPE Canister with metal hinged Self-closing top.

We look forward to seeing you at the show!