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Optima 100GP

 Environmentally Sensible – Non-HAPs

 Non-Hazardous – Non-Combustible – Reduced VOC – Non-Regulated

This product does not contain any chemicals known to State of California

to cause cancer, birth defects, or any other reproductive harm.

Approved by United Technologies – Sikorsky AircraftSpecifications  SS8423

It is also suitable for other applications required by military, commercial aircrafts, U.S. Navy and their sub-contractors.

OPTIMA|100GP™ Aqueous Degreaser  is a mildly alkaline, low foaming, residue free, biodegradable, heavy duty, non combustible, non-hazardous aqueous degreaser offering an extended bath life. The product carries a complete corrosion Inhibition package and rinse aid technology.  Suitable for use in ultrasonic immersion washers, high pressure spray, spray under immersion, tumblers, etc.  Formulated specifically for cleaning stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum alloys. However it is also suitable for cleaning all other ferrous and non ferrous metals, polycarbonate plastics and glass substrates.

Soils RemovedGrinding, Finishing & Polishing Compounds  /  Finger Prints & Particles / Automotive, Mineral Vegetable & Polybutane Oils  /  Cosmolines, Lipstick & Cycloparaffins  / Acrylic Latex Polymers / Adhesives  / Sulfur Based Cutting Fluids  /  Lapping & Drawing Compounds  /  Crater & Lithium Grease   /   Water/Solvent Based Inks
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