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Optima 2000gp aqueous ink adhesive remover logo

Is an Environmentally Sensible, heavy duty, Low to Moderate Foaming industrial ink & adhesive remover.  Ideal Replacement for Caustic and Phenolic Detergents, Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Solvents,   Mineral Spirits, Terpenes, Alcohol, Ketones,  Acetates, Glycol Ethers and Flammable Hydrocarbons.

This unique cleaner is Biodegradable, non-toxic, Low VOC, non-combustible, no ODCs, mildly alkaline, non-corrosive, non-HAPs.  It contains a full corrosion inhibition package which provides high performance and extended bath life (high ink loading – can be used for an extended period).  Compatible & Non Corrosive on Various Metals, Plastics, Glass & Ceramics

It removes all types of  water-based, UV-cured, polymeric and vinyl inks, adhesives, latex polymers (acrylic), grease, oil, cutting fluids, and lapping & drawing compounds. It  is formulated specifically for cleaning stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloys and all other ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as polycarbonate plastics.  Ideal in Immersion Cleaning with or  without ultrasonic, spray under Immersion, In-Line Spray, Low – High Spray  and  Tumblers.

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