Optima™ 300 Resin Emulsifier

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OPTIMA | 300 ™ Resin Emulsifier is an Environmentally sensible, biodegradable, medium foaming, residue free, mildly alkaline heavy duty aqueous liquid emulsifier.

It is completely free of organic solvents and conforms to standards set for environmental considerations.  Designed specifically to replace  acetone, MEK, Methylene Chloride and caustic based cleaners.  It is non-regulated, non-hazardous, non-combustible, reduced VOC and non-HAPs.

It removes cured and uncured polyester, epoxy, latex polymers, coating and adhesives as well as polyurethane foam build-up on process equipment.

It is ideal for use in a simple immersion tank, ultrasonic, agitated batch washer or even high pressure spray washer applications.  The emulsifying formula can be used effectively with  a 25 -100 micron filter to allow extended product life.  The product carries a complete corrosion Inhibition package and rinse aid technology.

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