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Organosolve SK2

Approved by United Technologies – Sikorsky AircraftSpecifications SS9170-204 under paragraph 3.0, a provision of SS8630

It is also suitable for other applications required by military, commercial aircrafts, U.S. Navy and their sub-contractors.

ORGANOSOLVE | SK-2 ™ Carbon Remover & Degreaser is an Environmentally Sensible, non-flammable, non-hazardous, Reduced VOC,  Recyclable, solvent based Carbon Remover &  Degreaser. It removes Carbon; Dirt; Oils; Crater and Lithium Grease; Grinding, Finishing & Polishing Compounds; Automotive, Mineral Vegetable and Polybutane Oils; Lapping & Drawing Compounds; Cosmolines; Lipstick and Cycloparaffins;  Finger Prints & Particles; Sulfur Based Cutting Fluids; Water/Solvent Based Inks and UV-Cured Inks.

In addition, ORGANOSOLVE | SK-2 ™ Carbon Remover & Degreaser eliminates disposal costs by recycling the spent material via vacuum distillation.

Packaged in HDPE UN Rated 1, 5 gallon pails, and 5 & 55 gallon steel drums (closed cap) and GO GREEN Saturated Wipes (75 wipes/Re-Usable Canister).

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