OPTIMA | 2000 FG™ Aqueous Cleaner

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NSF Final Label



Optima 100GPPLAIN FRONT BUCKET 03172017




Approved for three category codes In and around food processing areas, where its use is not intended for direct food contact.

  • (A1)  General Cleaner in and around food processing areas
  • (A4)  Floor and wall cleaner for use in all departments
  • (A7)  Metal cleaner and polishes for nonfood contact surfaces

NSF Certified Aqueous Ink Remover & Multipurpose Cleaner & Degreaser for use in food and beverage packaging, processing and handling facilities. It is designed to remove cutting oils, grease, carbon, and all types of water-based and UV-based inks as well as adhesives from all types of printing equipment.

A Non-Hazardous, Environmentally Safe, Low-foaming ink remover (Flexo & UV Curable Ink) Adhesive Remover & multipurpose cleaner with a full corrosion inhibition package (safe on most ferrous and non-ferrous metals including aluminum alloys.

Features & Benefits 

  • Deep Cleaning
  • Low VOC’s • No ODC’s • Non HAPs
  • Biodegradable
  • Complies with California Prop 65
  • Non-Combustible
  • Non-Corrosive (mildly alkaline)

Packaging (HDPE UN Rated)

1 Gallon Jugs / 5 Gallon Pails / 275 Gallon Totes /  55 Gallon Steel Drums (closed cap)

GO GREENSaturated Wipes (90 Polypropylene Wipes 12 ” x 12″ / Bucket)

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