Company Profile

Global Specialty Products-USA, Inc. has a solid environmental heritage, with 27 years of experience in replacing highly hazardous and toxic chemicals. Our “Environmental Improvement Process” is designed to minimize the ecological impact of our daily operations continually. We have a waste minimization program in place to support this goal.

Our focus is on providing safer alternatives that are high-performance-driven and cost-effective. We are committed to total customer satisfaction, innovative environmental solutions, dynamic response, and quality policy.

Sustainable Alternatives to Hazardous Cleaners:

We are protecting the Environment and Human Health and achieving sustainable development and pollution prevention.

The progress of our economic and social development is directly tied to the condition of our environment. Global Specialty Products USA, Inc. has recognized the need in the industrial market for cleaners that are safe for workers, high-performing, and free from harmful chemicals like caustic/phenolic cleaners, Acetone, Methyl Ethyl Ketone “MEK,” PM Acetate, Methylene Chloride, 1,1,1, Trichloroethane “TCE,” Perchloroethylene “PERC,” N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone “NMP,” N, N-Dimethylformamide “DMF,” and many others. The company is dedicated to promoting a cleaner environment by providing top-quality industrial cleaning products with exceptional technical and customer support. All their products are manufactured in Mount Holly, NJ, and suppliers are carefully selected for their high-quality ingredients.

Continuing Motto

“Safer Products for A Cleaner Environment™”

Mission Statement

  • Provide quality products and an advanced technology program to ensure an ongoing pipeline of environmentally safe, non-hazardous, non-HAPs, biodegradable, and recyclable industrial cleaning products to our industries.
  • Assist our customers in achieving the highest environmental, health, and safety standards in their businesses and local communities.


  • Superior, value-added products
  • Alliance with equipment manufacturers, EPA (Federal, State, and Local Authorities), and OSHA.
  • Assist customers in adequately handling their waste and treating rinse water.
  • This system approach has differentiated GSP USA from its competitors and positioned us closer to customers, giving us a complete and sustainable advantage.