OPTIMA | 2001CR™ Aqueous Carbon Remover & Degreaser

Concentrated Liquid Detergent – Biodegradable.

Suitable and safe on various Ferrous and non-Ferrous Metals


OPTIMA | 2001CR™ Aqueous Carbon Remover & Degreaser is a heavy-duty, multi-substrate, non-Emulsifying Aqueous-based Carbon Remover "Soot" & Degreaser with a complete corrosion inhibition package. A rapid removal of heavy organic and inorganic soils. Oils and cutting fluids will separate from the product. They can be skimmed off quickly, resulting in a much longer shelf life (wipe, spray, immersion with or without ultrasonic cavitation) with a complete corrosion inhibition package.

Black Carbon, also known as "Soot," is part of fine particulate air pollution which contributes to climate. The complex mixture of particulate matter from incomplete combustion is often called soot. Carbon results from insufficient engine combustion and exhaust systems generated and emitted by aircraft, locomotive, automotive, truck "transportation," break padding, fossil fuels, agriculture, and many other means of transportation and manufacturing. Complete combustion would turn all carbon in power into carbon dioxide (CO2), but burst which has never been completed; it will create CO2 plus carbon monoxide "CO," volatile organic compounds "VOC," and organic carbon and black carbon particles, all are formed in the process.

OPTIMA | 2001CR™ Effectively cleans and degreases metal parts covered with:

  • Carbon, Soot, and other particulate air pollution resulting from engine combustion (aircraft, locomotive, automotive, break paddings, fossil fuels, etc.)
  • Synthetic lubricants, Sulfur-based Cutting Fluids
  • Automotive, Mineral, Vegetable, and Polybutane Oils
  • Grinding, Finishing, and Polishing Compounds
  • Cosmolines, Lipstick, and Cycloparaffins
  • Crater and Lithium Grease
  • Lapping and Drawing Compounds
  • Water/Solvent-based Inks, Adhesives, and Resins
  • Fingerprints and Particles
  • Acrylic Latex Polymers

Purchased by:

  • Aerospace, Automotive, Locomotive Transportation and their contractors
  • Machining Shops
  • Manufacturers of nuts, bolts, screws, and other fasteners in stainless steel, bronze, galvanized, and more, including metric bolts.

How to Apply, Packaging, Materials Compatibility:

Review TDS

  • Used full strength or diluted down 8 – 15% concentration @ 110 - 160 °F (maximum 160 °F)
  • Hand Wipe, Spray under Immersion with or without Ultrasonic Cavitation, Spray Under Immersion with pump recirculation or High-Pressure Spray – Cabinet Washers
  • Safe and compatible with most O-rings, gaskets, rubber seals, and metal
  • Available in One-Gallon Easy Pour Jugs, 5-Gallon Pails, 55-Gallon Drums, and GO GREEN™ Saturated Wipes


  • ECO Friendly, non-HAPs, non-Flammable, non-Corrosive
  • None of the ingredients are listed on CA Proposition 65 or EPA Hazardous Air Pollutants List
  • Ideal replacement for Alternative to Mineral Spirits, 1,1,1 Trichloroethane, Perchloroethylene, Freon TF 1,1,2-Trichloro-1,2,2-trifluoroethane (Chlorofluorocarbon), MEK, and N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone-based formulations

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