NZD ISO Flush™ Isocyanates Cleaner & Neutralizer

NZD ISO Flush™ Isocyanates Cleaner & Neutralizer for flushing excess liquid and some hardened Isocyanate (A) and Polyol, also known as resin (B), as well as Cured Polyurethane Reactive Hot Melt Urethane Adhesives and Silicone. Smooth Flushing (Non-Reactive with Isocyanates); does not create harmful vapors.

Purchased by:

  • Contractors – Spray Foam & Polyurea Coatings Contractors & Roofers. Flushing the Spray Foam & Coatings Equipment, including the pump (inlet valve), hoses (inside and outside), spray guns, and the entire system, thoroughly.
  • Manufacturers – Manufacturers of Rigid & Flexible Polyurethane Foam Flushing and removing Diisocyanates lines, metering equipment, feed lines, mixing heads, hoses, kettles, pump packaging, etc.
  • OEM – Aerospace, Automotive, Injection Mold, Transportation, Packaging

How to Apply, Packaging, Materials Compatibility

Review TDS:

  • Apply full strength at room temperature via pump recirculation. Do Not Heat this product
  • Safe and compatible with most O-rings, gaskets, rubber seals, and metal
  • Available in One-Gallon EasyPour Jugs, 5-Gallon Pails, 55-Gallon Drums, and GO GREEN™ Saturated Wipes


  • ECO Friendly, non-HAPs, non-Flammable, Recyclable, non-Corrosive
  • None of the ingredients are listed on CA Proposition 65 or EPA Hazardous Air Pollutants
  • Ideal replacement for Methylene Chloride, MEK, N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone “NMP-based formulations.”

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