StripMore Paint & Coating Remover
Complete line of low VOC and Eco-Friendly Resin & Coating Removers for tools and production equipment clean-up for the Fiberglass Fabrication, Filled Composites, and Paint & Coatings markets.
Paint stripping in a shipyard
Acetone and Methylene Chloride Replacement.
Cleans like Acetone or Methylene Chloride without the Hazard.
A man repairing a piece of carbon and epoxy resin
High-performance products designed to readily dissolve Resin and Polymeric materials, clean hand tools, production equipment, spray, and chopper guns.
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StripMore™ Paint & Coating Remover
An Environmentally Safe, low odor Paint & Coating Remover

Resin and Coating Removers

Not just a replacement for Acetone, MEK, Methylene Chloride,          and N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone, but a Better Way to Clean

Say NO to Halogenated Hydrocarbons (Chlorinated Hydrocarbons)

  • High-Performance Products designed to readily dissolve resins and polymeric materials and clean hand tools, production equipment, spray, and chopper guns.
  • Strong, it dissolves recently CURED Resin build-up on process equipment and continues to attack Resins and Fiberglass long after Methylene Chloride has evaporated into the workplace and the environment.
  • Recyclable via Vacuum Distillation, reclaimable, and reusable resulting in reduced waste and disposal costs.

At GSP USA, Inc., we strive to bring the Fiberglass Fabrication, Cultured Marble, Paint, and Coating Industries the best Flushing and Immersion cleaning products for the value. We combine unmatched technology with proven performance to help you get the most out of your equipment and complete your projects. All while maintaining your worker’s safety and the environment. Products are developed with a vision of a cleaner world. GSP USA is taking the industrial segment to where it is destined to reach; cleaner chemistry, strong technology, secured products, and solutions serving many cleaning markets.

Protecting the Environment and Human Health and achieving sustainable development and pollution prevention is OUR Company’s NUMBER 1 PRIORITY.

Environmentally Sensible Solvent-based, Aqueous-based and Soy-based resin & coating removers for removing uncured and recently cured:

  • Polyester Resin and Fiberglass
  • Vinylester Resin
  • Epoxy Resin
  • Polyurea and Polyurethane coatings as well as various industrial coatings

From Spray Foam and Coating Equipment including:

  • Cleaning tools and production equipment
  • Transfer and Proportioning Pumps – Feed Lines
  • Mixing and Metering Equipment
  • Hoses
  • Drum Mixers
  • Spray Guns
  • Filter Screens in the guns
  • Mixing Heads, Troughs, Conveyor Parts, Sidewalls, Rollers, Foam Cutting Devices, and Molds

When spraying Resin, Coatings, and Fiberglass, it is essential to maintain proper maintenance of the spray equipment, including transfer pumps and spray guns.

Polymers and Resins often leave buildup over time. Consequently, spray insulation systems, specifically hose lines, must regularly be flushed out to encourage the smoothest possible process.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your spray foam and coating equipment will reduce overall repair costs. If properly maintained, your machine can last years, and most of all, your operators are focused on spraying rather than repairing equipment.

Environmental Compliance Certification Letter


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