Daily Surface Cleaning Applications

GO GREEN WIPES™ is saturated with various products manufactured by GSP-USA. These pre-saturated wipes offer several benefits over liquid solvents and cleaners. They help you reduce solvent use, enable convenient hand-wiping with an easy dispenser bucket, and decrease VOCs while improving quality control.

Our pre-saturated wipes are made of polypropylene and are lint-free. They come in a 12" x 12" center-pull pre-saturated roll containing 90 wipes. You can easily carry them in an easy dispenser bucket wherever you go. They are tough enough to withstand the most rugged daily surface cleaning and maintenance applications.


  • Sanitary – One-at-a-time pop-up dispensing delivers a clean wiper and protects new wipers from contamination.
  • Efficient – Re-sealable slotted opening dispenses wipes one at a time to help reduce waste and control costs.
  • Safe – A tight-fitting lid eliminates the risk of spills, splashes, errant sprays, and vapors associated with open buckets and spray bottles.
  • Bucket & Wipes can be used in a variety of environments.

The following products are available in GO GREEN WIPES™

Products – How to Choose

The following Products are available in GO GREEN WIPES™