SURF X – FLUSH™ 2000

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The Best Polyurethane Foam & Resin Remover for the Spray Foam Industry.  It is a mixture of   Environmentally Sensible organic solvents, wetting agents and a corrosion inhibitor.   A Direct Replacement for Acetone, NMP, MEK, Methylene Chloride, and caustic based cleaners.  SURF X FLUSH 2000 ™ Polyurethane Foam & Resin Remover is Highly effective in flushing and immersion cleaning of spray equipment, mixing and metering equipment and feed lines, as well as loosening, and removing cured urethane foam deposits and build-up from mixing heads, troughs, conveyor parts, side walls, rollers, foam cutting devices and molds.  Due to its low vapor pressure and high boiling point it evaporates 237 times slower than Acetone and MEK;  600 times slower than Methylene Chloride.  This means, whatever quantity you purchase, you will use.

SURF X FLUSH 2000 ™ DOES NOT CONTAIN any chemicals known to State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or any other reproductive harm. It DOES NOT CONTAIN any raw materials listed on Section 112 (b) Hazardous Air Pollutants List.

Comes in the following packaging:


1 Gallon Jugs

5 Gallon Pails

55 Gallon Steel Drums (closed cap)

GO GREENSaturated Wipes (90 Polypropylene Wipes 12 ” x 12″ / Bucket)


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